Article 002: Apartment Woes

So some very close friends of mine are allowing me to stay with them for a little bit while I get myself organized. They know who they are and I just want to say thank you guys for everything. Decided to just start looking at apartments just to kind of see what’s available and all and it’s safe to say, apartment hunting is a pain.

First, you need to have a credit check. What for exactly I don’t know. I knew this already cause this isn’t my first apartment, but I really just want to know what the credit check is actually for. I understand cars and getting a credit card , but an apartment? What about students who have no credit established?  “Maybe it’s just to check to see if you have the ability to pay, Eddie.” I thought my pay stubs were for that.

I live in Buffalo, New York. Housing is cheap here, but I just don’t know why there needs to be a credit check on a place to live. Income requirements I can understand though.

Second, nonrefundable “application” fees. Imagine having to pay a fee every time you filled out a job application…………………… thoughts exactly. It’s stupid that you have to pay for the right to sign a form and possibly get accepted. College application fees? Fine. Apartments? No. You spend 200 dollars to see three to four apartments only to be turned down because of your credit which I mentioned earlier. Now you’re down 200 dollars you busted your ass to save. Not all places do this, but the ones that do should fix this immediately.

Third, dog discrimination. Now disclaimer, I don’t own a dog and if I did, I would be outraged. If you’re going to accept a fee for me having a dog then take the fee, at that point it shouldn’t matter what breed of dog I have. Let’s not kid ourselves either. We know this targets pit bulls specifically and now because of my dog I can’t live in most places. Go to Zillow and check “pets allowed” and 90% of the listings evaporates. Of the ones left, restrictions are placed.

Fourth, income requirements. Specifically, the whole “Must make 2/3/44 times the rent.” thing. This I see a lot in fancier, gym included, want-to-be-a-hotel-but-can’t apartment buildings with gates and security. Now, I believe vetting people is appropriate and do believe in this rule to an extent. But having a furnished place with a pool and gym just isn’t as glamorous as it seems to me unless you’re somewhere temporarily. Might as well get a hotel at that point.

A lot of this is nit picky I understand and given my current situation, I probably should be thankful. I am. It’s just that things like this make it difficult; and terribly so; to handcuff perfectly perfect, scared, and confused customers to a fence.



If you can leave a comment down below, tell me. Am I crazy? Do you disagree with what I said? Please let me know.

Tune in next time I post and I’ll tell you about my job search, including the perverts in Buffalo’s Craigslist.


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