5 Lessons Learned While Job Hunting.

What does one do when searching for a job? You search the common boards online and it’s just a rinse cycle of emails and resumes, hopeful that you’ll get the call. I been looking for work for a few days now and so far, I’ve learned 5 quick lessons.

1.Paper resumes are gone. Outside of the extremely local businesses that still use the phone book in place of Google. Get online.

2.Location matters. I compared Buffalo’s art/media/design listings with that of San Francisco’s and granted, I knew there would be a difference in quantity, but the difference was a shocker to me. Then I thought “Maybe i should check Buffalo’s creative gig section and compare it with San Francisco” What I saw wasn’t a quantity issue at all. View the image below and see.


Basically, Buffalo’s creative gig section (I.E 40 to 55 year old men with a DSLR) need adventurous, thin, “amateur” women for “photo-shoots”. Some said semi-nude. Some said “discreet time alone”. Our creative section has basically turned into a digital strip club. To each their own and if they get paid then that’s their business, but there should be a separate tab for this. I’m not knocking the professional boudoir shooters out there like Daniel Chase (AMAZING WORK) cause that’s art in my opinion. What I’m talking about is basically private porn collecting. If you’re not in a location that has an industry footprint for the type of work you do, it’s either time to move or lower your standards. It’s about survival, not impressing people. That’s in lesson 5.

3.Job hunting is a full time job. Seriously. Spend all day putting in applications. In my experience, a shot gun works better than a sniper rifle when it comes to job hunting. Scatter your resume everywhere. Which brings me to…

4.Update your bloody resume. It’s 2017. Hiring Managers are swimming in resumes and unless yours stands out, you lose. Depending on your industry, take the time to polish your resume and make it look amazing. I found that this works best for your average jobs because a lot people applying to these places are just typing them using basic formatting. Stand out. You still need to get past the computer arbiter that vets the resumes, but it’s easy. Find key words in the job posting and use them in your resume, but don’t lie about it.

5.Take what you can get. Now is not the time to be a proud, fedora wearing snob (no offense to fedora folks). You need a job to bring in money to survive. As someone who’s creative, It’s extremely difficult to cultivate creative thoughts and ideas when you’re worrying about how you’re going to eat. It’s hard being in the creative field in Buffalo, so lower your standards if need be and find a regular job to hold you down while you build. It’s not desperation, it’s necessary. Some call it “realistic” if they think your dreams are silly, but that’s for another post.


This being said, personally speaking, I don’t want a job. I want a career. These are two different things according to Google:

JOB: Paid position of regular employment.


CAREER: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

It’s that opportunities for progress part that I truly want. I can’t get that working for Radio Shack for 30 years. Some people are content with that. Not me. It’s important to bide your time. In order to fight for your dreams, you have to dig in the mud and eat garbage for a while. It taste like cardboard, but it will keep you alive until you can build your dreams. I’m still looking for my job right now.

As soon as I find one, I will have accomplished my task.

Feel free to comment on some job hunting tips for me or anyone else who might read this and share it amongst your circles.


PS: Indeed.com…..in my opinion, best job search engine available.


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