Article 003: Why Learning Simply Isn’t Enough.

So, I just had a realization which prompted this post. That is, learning a new skill is only a piece of the pie to perfection. If you’re anything like me, you love learning. A ton of things interest you. So many in fact that, that you find it hard to just commit to one thing. This can lead way to what is called S.O.S or “Shiny Object Syndrome“. I suffer from it, but if you have entrepreneurial tendencies or a bug for just creating new things, it makes sense.

But what does this have to do with learning?

Well, it comes after you finally decide to act.

Picture Paint: You’ve had an idea for an app for years now. You’ve studied development and design, marketing, you’ve been to meetups time and time again. At this point, you’ve finally decided to act and build the app. The problem? You find yourself relearning a lot of what you already spent years learning already. Why is that?

I believe acting is a missing piece to the learning. You have to act on what you’ve learned, or else your skills atrophy. This just happened to me.

I have sales experience. But once I’ve decided to try and sell my own stuff, I found myself lost. “How do I do this?” I asked myself.

By keeping my notes locked away in a book and not acting on them; even in a small way; I’ve allowed the notes to just disappear from my brain. Not everything is memorable like riding a bike.

The missing skill I’ve forgot about is the actual acting part. Doing. Moving. Finishing. Exposing it to the world. Think that’s everything…….

It’s not just enough to just watch a few videos or take a few classes. You actually have to act on what you’ve learned. Or else when you finally decide to take that next step, you’re gonna find yourself going back to school, delaying your growth.

Trust me. I just realized this.

Perhaps this is common sense. Well I just learned something today.

Lessons without action are basically candle scented candles; Useless. I don’t remember where I heard that from, but it’s funny.


Question: How Do I Find Customers As A Business Person?

I’m good at what I do and I know I can sell it to people, but I’ve  hit a snag. I’m trying to find customers. Researching all of this stuff is very interesting. From Facebook Targeting Ads to YouTube marketing strategies, I love learning it. But…..

It’s sooooo overwhelming.

I’m just trying to find the people that need my services.

To put it short, I’m a videographer and photographer that specializes in high quality content creation for small businesses and individuals. My specialty is being able to create content you see big studios produce and bring that level of quality to the small business market. My location helps a lot but I feel like it hurts a lot too.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

Maybe I’m looking at all the wrong things.

I need a map of sorts. All I’ve seen online are “gurus” that tote a “Live Business Boot-camp.” Then you enter an email and you see the live boot camp and it’s basically an hour of a PowerPoint/Prezi going through “Do you want to grow your business 3X like the hulk!!?”  Followed by screenshots of their success, peppered with their life story to build a rapport and seem human. I’m venting, I know.

This is basically walking into a restaurant, ordering steak and coming back with a book of testimonials and reviews of why the steak is good, then you pay 25 bucks BEFORE you get the steak. I understand money back guarantee and what not, but a lot of these groups have communities that convince you to stay. Some (I have heard) ridicule you for leaving. “He’ll never be successful” type stuff.

I don’t need the BEST restaurant, just the closest. At least for right now.

How do I find customers that need me?

My first idea was to go to a business meetup here in town. So I’ll probably start there.

If anybody has any tips to share with me, please do.


Article 002: Apartment Woes

So some very close friends of mine are allowing me to stay with them for a little bit while I get myself organized. They know who they are and I just want to say thank you guys for everything. Decided to just start looking at apartments just to kind of see what’s available and all and it’s safe to say, apartment hunting is a pain.

First, you need to have a credit check. What for exactly I don’t know. I knew this already cause this isn’t my first apartment, but I really just want to know what the credit check is actually for. I understand cars and getting a credit card , but an apartment? What about students who have no credit established?  “Maybe it’s just to check to see if you have the ability to pay, Eddie.” I thought my pay stubs were for that.

I live in Buffalo, New York. Housing is cheap here, but I just don’t know why there needs to be a credit check on a place to live. Income requirements I can understand though.

Second, nonrefundable “application” fees. Imagine having to pay a fee every time you filled out a job application…………………… thoughts exactly. It’s stupid that you have to pay for the right to sign a form and possibly get accepted. College application fees? Fine. Apartments? No. You spend 200 dollars to see three to four apartments only to be turned down because of your credit which I mentioned earlier. Now you’re down 200 dollars you busted your ass to save. Not all places do this, but the ones that do should fix this immediately.

Third, dog discrimination. Now disclaimer, I don’t own a dog and if I did, I would be outraged. If you’re going to accept a fee for me having a dog then take the fee, at that point it shouldn’t matter what breed of dog I have. Let’s not kid ourselves either. We know this targets pit bulls specifically and now because of my dog I can’t live in most places. Go to Zillow and check “pets allowed” and 90% of the listings evaporates. Of the ones left, restrictions are placed.

Fourth, income requirements. Specifically, the whole “Must make 2/3/44 times the rent.” thing. This I see a lot in fancier, gym included, want-to-be-a-hotel-but-can’t apartment buildings with gates and security. Now, I believe vetting people is appropriate and do believe in this rule to an extent. But having a furnished place with a pool and gym just isn’t as glamorous as it seems to me unless you’re somewhere temporarily. Might as well get a hotel at that point.

A lot of this is nit picky I understand and given my current situation, I probably should be thankful. I am. It’s just that things like this make it difficult; and terribly so; to handcuff perfectly perfect, scared, and confused customers to a fence.



If you can leave a comment down below, tell me. Am I crazy? Do you disagree with what I said? Please let me know.

Tune in next time I post and I’ll tell you about my job search, including the perverts in Buffalo’s Craigslist.

Article 001: It Begins.

The new year has not been very good to me. I was attacked by two drunk assholes on New Years Eve. I had a knife and defended myself. Luckily nobody was hurt but it was a weird way to usher in the new year. Before that though, I lost my job at FedEx Office.

The worst thing that happened was a few days ago. I recently got an eviction notice because of a mistake made on my part. I’m not at liberty to discuss details because it’s still in motion but I’ll say that some people “say” they love you, then go out of their way to “show” you how much they could care less. Feel free to speculate on your own time.

This year is the year I’m going to stop thinking, pondering, hoping, note-taking and start actually doing. I’m good at what I do, and I just got to take this next step in stride and use it as an opportunity to grow and do what I set out to do.

This blog will chronicle my journey from nothing to something. You’ll see where I struggle, where I fail, and when I succeed. I need to do this not only to keep me sane, but to also hold me accountable to my actions.

Some will say I deserved it. Some will call me lazy. Some will say I will take advantage.

All I have to say to that is this:

Maybe you’re right, but I’m going to show you just how wrong you will be.

The “I told you so” moment will come. Not tomorrow. Maybe not for years, but it will come. And I rather gamble on what I want to do with my life then spend the next 40 years doing what someone else is telling me to do.

Living an UP-WORK-HOME-TV-BED lifestyle. To me, that’s a waste of talent. A waste of resources.

A Waste Of Gravity.

I do need to go backwards in order to go forward though. Sometimes you need to sacrifice things, but as an un-attached male (in a relationship but not married) with no kids, I have no excuses.

I’m not an expert. I’m just another human life form sucking gravity. I just hope my journey will not just help me but encourage anybody else struggling to fight back too.

Time to get to work. Step one: Find a job! I’ll keep anybody reading posted.

Much love.