Question: How Do I Find Customers As A Business Person?

I’m good at what I do and I know I can sell it to people, but I’ve  hit a snag. I’m trying to find customers. Researching all of this stuff is very interesting. From Facebook Targeting Ads to YouTube marketing strategies, I love learning it. But…..

It’s sooooo overwhelming.

I’m just trying to find the people that need my services.

To put it short, I’m a videographer and photographer that specializes in high quality content creation for small businesses and individuals. My specialty is being able to create content you see big studios produce and bring that level of quality to the small business market. My location helps a lot but I feel like it hurts a lot too.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

Maybe I’m looking at all the wrong things.

I need a map of sorts. All I’ve seen online are “gurus” that tote a “Live Business Boot-camp.” Then you enter an email and you see the live boot camp and it’s basically an hour of a PowerPoint/Prezi going through “Do you want to grow your business 3X like the hulk!!?”  Followed by screenshots of their success, peppered with their life story to build a rapport and seem human. I’m venting, I know.

This is basically walking into a restaurant, ordering steak and coming back with a book of testimonials and reviews of why the steak is good, then you pay 25 bucks BEFORE you get the steak. I understand money back guarantee and what not, but a lot of these groups have communities that convince you to stay. Some (I have heard) ridicule you for leaving. “He’ll never be successful” type stuff.

I don’t need the BEST restaurant, just the closest. At least for right now.

How do I find customers that need me?

My first idea was to go to a business meetup here in town. So I’ll probably start there.

If anybody has any tips to share with me, please do.