Article 003: Why Learning Simply Isn’t Enough.

So, I just had a realization which prompted this post. That is, learning a new skill is only a piece of the pie to perfection. If you’re anything like me, you love learning. A ton of things interest you. So many in fact that, that you find it hard to just commit to one thing. This can lead way to what is called S.O.S or “Shiny Object Syndrome“. I suffer from it, but if you have entrepreneurial tendencies or a bug for just creating new things, it makes sense.

But what does this have to do with learning?

Well, it comes after you finally decide to act.

Picture Paint: You’ve had an idea for an app for years now. You’ve studied development and design, marketing, you’ve been to meetups time and time again. At this point, you’ve finally decided to act and build the app. The problem? You find yourself relearning a lot of what you already spent years learning already. Why is that?

I believe acting is a missing piece to the learning. You have to act on what you’ve learned, or else your skills atrophy. This just happened to me.

I have sales experience. But once I’ve decided to try and sell my own stuff, I found myself lost. “How do I do this?” I asked myself.

By keeping my notes locked away in a book and not acting on them; even in a small way; I’ve allowed the notes to just disappear from my brain. Not everything is memorable like riding a bike.

The missing skill I’ve forgot about is the actual acting part. Doing. Moving. Finishing. Exposing it to the world. Think that’s everything…….

It’s not just enough to just watch a few videos or take a few classes. You actually have to act on what you’ve learned. Or else when you finally decide to take that next step, you’re gonna find yourself going back to school, delaying your growth.

Trust me. I just realized this.

Perhaps this is common sense. Well I just learned something today.

Lessons without action¬†are¬†basically candle scented candles; Useless. I don’t remember where I heard that from, but it’s funny.


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